DAKOTA Model Year Differences

From: Robert Allen (boballen@sky.net)
Date: Thu Aug 08 1996 - 04:24:45 EDT

Hi folks:

Can anyone shed some light on model year
differences for the Dakotas? I would like to put
headers in my '96 V8 auto but I hear that the '95
spec headers won't fit -- Dodge moved the engine
around. Anyone got the scoop?

Also, as I'm looking through the catalogs, they
make a big deal at 92 and 93 then again at 94 and
95. And they don't say much about the '96.

Finally, I was thinking something simple -- pretty
valve covers -- I bought the Mopar performance
catalog and they have pre-91 'A' block stuff and
don't say anything about later models. What's the

Thanks, Bob Allen, Kansas City
1996 V8 Auto Sport Reg. SWB

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