towing story -Reply

From: Brent Cring (
Date: Tue Aug 20 1996 - 10:45:01 EDT

Towed my boat up to the Adirodack mountains this weekend from
Rochester , about 250 miles. My truck is non-magum V-8, 4x4, 3.90 axle
with a automatic and pulling the 2000 lb boat I cruised at 65 to 70 mph
almost the entire drive, the truck would have gone faster, but the trailer
tires were getting hot. When I got to hill I would kick the OD off before
hand and for the most part the truck would stay at 65 mph, never
dropped below 55. I even past a few unloaded cars going up the hills.
With 80,000 miles running 10w-30 Mobil 1, the truck didn't burn a drop of
oil or run even slightly hot.

Used to have a Nissan 4x4 V-6, and the Dakota whips that truck for
towing ability. The Nissan would have been doing 45 mph up the hills.

Brent Cring
'91 V-8 4x4

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