Re: towing story

From: Chris M. Smith (
Date: Sun Aug 18 1996 - 02:06:35 EDT

James Babcock wrote:
> This past weekend, I made my second towing trip with my '87 Dakota.
> It has the V6, auto, 4x4, 3.55 gears, 2000lb payload, and long bed.
> I was towing one of those big mother U-Hauls (6x12) with the tandem wheels.
> The empty weight of the trailer alone is 1800 lbs and I put about 1000 lbs

Earlier this year I pulled the same size U-haul, overloaded (probably
more than 1000 lbs.) with my 93 club cab V8, 3.55 rear-end, auto. Drove
70-75 about 200 miles, on cruise the whole way. The trans dropped out
of overdrive on any hill. By the way, a few months later, the OD in the
trans went out (80K miles). The moral: Just because you have the power
doesn't mean you have to use it. I'd have been better off turning OD
off, and staying down around 55. The trans may have gone anyway, but I
sure didn't help it.


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