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< Okay, my turn:
< 1996 short bed, regular cab, stock suspension, V8, auto, 3.5 axle,
< regular differential.
< Hitch: New DrawTite Class III frame mounted hitch.


I have the same set-up but in a club cab (4X4, which I assume yours
is). I don't have a hitch now, but would possibly add one in the
future. It sounds like yours is not the factory option. My question
is whether you have the auxiliary trans cooler? I should have ordered
it with the truck but figured I could always add one. Now it looks
like it would be a bigger job than I thought (must remove grille,
A/C condenser, etc.).

Also, were there any problems installing the hitch, such as spare tire

'96 V-8 4X4 club cab auto

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