Re: Hitches

From: James Babcock (
Date: Thu Aug 22 1996 - 07:23:32 EDT

> <that 1/2 inch bit for the drill and then puncturing your frame in 4
> <places. You must partially unbolt the bumper and cut some bolt
> <brackets. Not brain surgery. Can't have "tube bumpers" however. No
> <interference with nuttin, tho.
> I put the Easy Lift hitch on my '95 V-8 ext. cab 4X, no moving anything.
> Line up the brackets, drill the holes, & you be towin'.
> Maddog

I bought a 'hidden hitch' from JC Whitney and it went on without bumper
mods. It's almost invisible too. I did have to undo one of the exhaust
hangers to drill the frame though.


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