Re: idle air control

From: Brent Cring (
Date: Thu Aug 22 1996 - 09:55:24 EDT

My 91 dakota V-8, has an idle air control motor.. This motor is hooked to
the linkage for the butterfly valves that control the air flow into the
engine. If the idle is to fast the motor shuts the valve, if the idle is to low
the motor opens the valve. It only controls it for a few degrees of
rotation, but is essentially the same as stepping on the gas pedal. I
believe that the almost all fuel injected engines have this set-up. Most
fuel injected engines also adjust the timing to keep it at idle, but I am not
sure about the dakota. As for the reason why you can still stall a
standard transmission, the valve cannot react quick enough to keep up
with the sudden engine drop in rpm.

Brent Cring
91 4X4 V-8


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