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Date: Thu Aug 22 1996 - 08:29:41 EDT

From: Clement_D on Thu, Aug 22, 1996 8:35 AM
Subject: RE: '96 Emissions

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>It is my understanding that all OBD-II vehicles have the 2d O2 sensor, but
>the CA, MA, NY emissions requirements are more stringent that federal and
>require more equipment.
>Beats me, my '92 3.9 got sniffed in June and had 9 ppm hydrocarbons and
>0.01% CO max, WELL below the max's. Irritatates me when I see somebody
>driving a vehicle around that's obviously never had regular oil changes,
>has bad valve seals and rings leaving a smoke trail down the road.


The emissions requirements that the manufacturers have to design for and get
there vehicles certified to go way beyond the idle sniff test most states
have implemented to satisfy the Feds. The oil burner you refer to can likely
pass the sniff test without much effort because the sensor does not check
for unburned oil (you can get many engines to pass without the cat). It
could never be certified that way. The Feds know that the sniff test does
not reflect emissions in real world driving conditions that's why they are
pushing these new test programs on the states that require the vehicle
emissions to be measured over the normal operating range of the engine while
strapped to a chassis dyno.

Alot of the OBD-II stuff is to ensure that the vehicle continues to be clean
over it's life span.

Just take heart in realizing the engines in todays cars are cleaner, more
fuel efficient AND more powerful (per unit of displacement) than anything
from the wonderful muscle car era.

Dave Clement
89 4x4 LE


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