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Date: Thu Aug 22 1996 - 15:22:35 EDT

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>> My son had an old S-10 Chevy that visably burnt oil and would pass the
>> idle sniff check for hydrocarbons. I do not think the raw oil
>> molecule registers the same way as a partially burnt gasoline hydrocarbon

>> molecule on the sniffers. I have seen some pretty foul running cars that
>> have passed the idle sniff test.
>> Dave Clement

>In VA the inspector must look for visible smoke. If yer smokin', you
>don't pass. I've heard of some pretty expensive vehicles failing
>because of a little puff after idle. I think it's funny how diesels
>don't require emissions inspection. My kid's got an old Mercedes that
>really stinks when you step on it. Is this because the exhaust is not
>as toxic as gasoline or is it because there aren't any effective pollution
>controls for diesels?


Here in Mass the inspector sticks the sniffer up the tailpipe walks around
front and connects the rpm pickup. If the machine says PASS you get your
sticker if it does not the better stations will switch to a diagnostics mode
and play with your idle rpm (as long as the rpm is below 1500 the test is
valid) to try to make it pass and will rerun the test if it will. When I put
the MP computer in my Daytona it failed big time. The inspector had me hold
the rpm at 1500 and then give it a hard run up and down the street but to no
avail. He sent me home to switch back to the stock computer, I came back the
next day and passed no problem.

I think the reason diesels got exempted from emissions testing was because
the trucking lobby did a good job of whinning, threatening doom and paying
off congress.

I personally do not have a problem with having to submit to a emission test
periodically but it sure pisses me off that diesel vehicles seem to have an
awful high percentage gross polluters and do not have to pass anything. No
one is going to convince me that when I get a headache after only a minute
or two beind one that it is not harmful.

Dave Clement
89 4x4 LE

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