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From: Dave Clement-LDC009 (
Date: Thu Aug 22 1996 - 17:23:10 EDT

From: Clement_D on Thu, Aug 22, 1996 5:30 PM
Subject: RE: '96 Emissions

Just remember; When computer controlled EFI first came out it was predicted
as the end of performance modifications and it has actually made it easier
for an inexperienced tinkerer to make honest performance improvements.

I can't even count all the times that people would come into the garage I
worked at during the earily mid 70's with cars that would barely run because
they had bolted on parts that would not work together or would not work on
the engine they were bolted to.

OBD-III may present another twist to the hot rodder but I am totally
convinced that it will not be long before goodies are available. Just look
at the press release that was posted a week or so ago where CC announced
that they were going to make kits available to aftermarket parts developers.

As far as road side monitoring is concerned, I do not believe it will ever
be widely implemented because it will be two easy to defeat and too costly
to implement. It's just like the laser speed detectors. They cost more,
require more effort on the part of the operator and there effectivity is
very much dependant on the vehicle they are pointing at. Somewhere I saw an
interview of a police official that when asked about laser said I can write
all the tickets I want with the 20 year old equipment I have, why would I
spend the departments money on these things when the cost twice as much.

Dave Clement
89 4x4 LE
From: on Thu, Aug 22, 1996 4:53 PM
Subject: RE: '96 Emissions

I read an article about OBD III a while ago, so it is kind of sketchy but
here goes.
I believe once OBD III is implemented, you will be able to do NOTHING to you

motor to improve performance. This means not even a K&N Air Filter, a more
powerful coil, etc. I think this is very unfortunate, considering that many

of the things we can do to our vehicles to improve performance, can actually

improve emissions and gas mileage. I am not sure about transmitting
emmisions info to roadside receivers, but I believe it will allow
capabilities of sending drive speeds to receivers. I can't recall if this
was just a possibility, or if this was going to be done. That's why, I will

probably never purchace a new vehicle. Photo Radar is bad enough, but
something like that would be really terrible.

Tony McCray
1989 4x4
From: Dave Hornback
To: dakota
Subject: RE: '96 Emissions
Date: Thursday, August 22, 1996 6:08AM

I'm hearing some crazy stories about OBD-III (transmitting emmisions info to
roadside receivers, recording drive speeds to give police proof of
infractions, etc.)

Where can you find the truth about all this?


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