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From: Eric Kozowski (
Date: Fri Aug 23 1996 - 02:02:12 EDT

>I had a Draw-Tite Class III installed at U-haul in about 30 min. for less than
>$150, inc. ball, receiver and detachable wiring harness (Dodge wired in a
>round receptacle into the rear wires and U-Haul had the connector in
>stock) for my wife's '95 Ram Wagon SLT 2500. No hole-drillin', no
>wire-crimpin' or cuttin' wires, no sweat, and now, I can tow about 8,000
>lbs. (12,500 GVWR).
>Why caint they make it that easy for the Dakota?

It is. My 96 CC 4x4 5.2 AT has a class IV hitch and installation was easy.
Just select the tow package when you order the truck! ;-) HD electrical,
cooling, etc too.

'96 CC SLT 4X4 5.2 AT with every option, except the block heater and the
CD stereo.

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