RE: 88 Dakota, 2.2 L, Need Holley 6520 Carb

From: Dave Clement-LDC009 (
Date: Fri Aug 23 1996 - 08:47:15 EDT

From: Clement_D on Fri, Aug 23, 1996 8:53 AM
Subject: RE: 88 Dakota, 2.2 L, Need Holley 6520 Carb


Wow! I would have guessed that you would have had the single point EFI every
other 2.2 had by 88.

Have you looked at older (85 or earlier) carberated CC cars in junk yards? I
would venture a guess that you would have much better luck locating an Omni
or K-Car with a carb than a Dakota.

Have you considered getting a rebuild kit and doing it yourself? The kits
are cheap enough and maybe you will be lucking and be in the 20% group that
is satisfied.

If you are real ambitious how about stripping an EFI system off a 2.2 and
installing it? 87 or newer use the SMEC design so everthing is under the

Dave Clement
From: on Thu, Aug 22, 1996 10:47 PM
Subject: 88 Dakota, 2.2 L, Need Holley 6520 Carb

A local mechanic (highly recommended) says I need a new or rebuilt
carb. He said that he has not had much luck rebuilding these himself,
 as only about two in ten customers were satisfied. He just doesn't
know why the rebuilds don't turn out. A large part of his business
is rebuilding carbs & engines.

He suggested that I buy a factory rebuilt carb. Guess what ? I can't
find one, except NAPA for $ 600.00. This is rediculous ! Does
anyone know where I may find a carburetor, either rebuilt or salvage ?
  Have tried all the local junkyards too, and no luck.

I want to avoid going to the local Dodge dealer if possible for a
rebuild job.

I have tried the folllowing parts houses:

Big M
Advance Auto Part
Pep Boys
J. C. Whitney (they said they'd have to check & it might be a week
before they call back)

I am learning that parts for this vehicle are hard to find and
expensive ! I would appreciate any suggestions/information.


Kregg In East Tennesse


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