RE: '96 Emissions

From: Jane V Elliott (
Date: Sun Aug 25 1996 - 00:36:15 EDT

Everyone should read the article in the September issue of Car and Driver
on the NHTSA, its director, and the lack of any substantial data that
speed kills. Very interesting. Sort of reminded me of the governments
statistics on gun control. If we can only stop people from driving over
55 (or even slower), confiscate all guns, register knives, and outlaw
tobacco we'll all be safe. Wouldn't want folks to be responsible for
their own actions.

Larry Elliott, '92, 3.9, 4x4, 5 sp'd, LE, NRA Life, nonsmoker.

On Thu, 22 Aug 1996, Dave Hornback wrote:

> I'm hearing some crazy stories about OBD-III (transmitting emmisions info to
> roadside receivers, recording drive speeds to give police proof of
> infractions, etc.)
> Where can you find the truth about all this?


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