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From: Howard Wilson (
Date: Mon Aug 26 1996 - 13:03:32 EDT


i've got the same truck as you (with extended cab), and i have added the k&n
filter. it added no mileage (or if any improvement, its statistically
insignificant). it did change the way the truck performs. the most noticeable
change is that it seems to down shift less when i try to accelerate while
travelling at speed. rather, it just pulls strong up to a faster speed. i
guess it's worthwhile. i think it would be better in conjunction with a high
flow exhaust, and if i pushed the truck harder, i might see more of a

(most of my driving is combined highway/city, and i range mostly 15.5-16.2 mpg
over the course of a year. highest pure highway tankfull was 19.2 mpg. there
are seasonal trends, that i am yet to be able to explain. the tank to tank
variation, and the seasonal variation are more than any add-on has gained or
cost on mileage.)

as far as the split fire plugs are concerned, they also added nothing to either
the performance or the mileage. i have had them in for about 20K now, and when
i change plugs again, i'll put something else in instead. if it wasn't such a
pain to get them out, i would have taken advantage of the 30 day warrantee
advertised with the plugs. i was lazy, and just left them in. the factory
plugs ran every bit as good.

i also have a hard tonneau cover, and as far as i can tell, it also does
nothing for the mileage. but the added weight cost me nothing either. in fact,
i don't think i believe the talk about the tailgate causing drag and costing
mileage either. when it rains, and i have water standing on the bed cover, and
then head for the highway, the water just sits there and wiggles a bit. it
doesn't blow off the cover, as if there was an air knife that would cause drag
on the tailgate.

i do strongly recommend sprayed-in bed liners like rhino lining. the best
thing since fuel injection. you can't hardly hurt the stuff, and it looks good
too. and i finally found nerf bars that i liked. smitty-bilt makes a nice
heavy, good looking bar that fits the dakota.


Has anyone used a K&N Filtercharger, and if so, with what results? Mileage?

Also, which kinds of premium spark plugs has anyone had good luck with?
Platnums? Splitfire?

Looking for anything that will improve proformance on my Dakota.

Bryan Harper '93 LE 5.2 4X4 Auto

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