RE: '96 Emissions

From: Jane V Elliott (
Date: Mon Aug 26 1996 - 20:06:11 EDT

Actually the smog in Seattle is more of a nasty brown, sort of s**t
brindle brown, and it's not nice. We've had smog testing for at least 15
yrs, and I've never had a car that failed, although with my '75 Datsun PU
and wife's '73 Olds it was change oil right beforehand and get them good
and warm first. With the Dakota and her very own self's Mazda econobox,
it's fire 'em up drive the four or five miles to the test station and

The last time we had the Mazda tested there was a guy in front of us with,
I think, an Accura that would have made the Royal Navy proud at the Battle
of Jutland with its smoke.

In the Seattle area the air pollution has been reduced to the point that
the state is asking for the tests to be ended. We can only hope. When I
retire in a year or two we're going to move to someplace with no emission

Keep on drivin'

Larry Elliott, '92, 3.9, 4x4, 5 sp'd, LE


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