Chromed Steel Wheels -Reply

From: Steve Gepford (
Date: Fri Aug 30 1996 - 16:27:49 EDT

>removed all the clear coat (actually what was left) and have tried >to polish
>with aluminum polish and a scotchbrite wheel but the wheels still >remain


I have some Aluminum wheels that looked terrible and I first used a paint /
Lacqure remover to get rid of any clear coat, which it turned out to have a lot

For polishing the Aluminum, I used a product called "Water", which is nothing
like it sounds. Actually it looks like pink cotton. A piece of it about the size
of a cotton ball is all you will need for one wheel. As you rub the Aluminum
with the cotton ball the stuff will turn black. when you figure you've applied
enough, wipe it down with a clean, dry, soft, cloth. It will look like chrome
when finished and isn't hard to rub on or off.

Satellite Steve

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