Re: Chromed Steel Wheels

From: Dick Mellon (
Date: Sat Aug 31 1996 - 10:27:40 EDT

  I had the same problem with the factoty aluminium wheels. When badly
you must sand all the oxide off first,them progressively pollish them back
to a shine.
It takes a lot of elbow grease,about an hour and half per wheel. Paint
remover will take off the clear coat but start with 100 grit sandpaper ,then
use 240 and finaly 400 wet
sandpaper. Then use rubbing compound and lastly mothers alum.polish. When
your satisified give them a couple of coats of good paste wax. Forget the
clear coat,thats what caused the problem in the 1st. place(IMHO). Road salts
work there way under coatings from chips,wheel weights or lug nuts and
spread like cancer. If its worth 1 1/2
hours of your time per wheel then go for it.

At 02:03 PM 8/30/96 -0500, Dave Clement

>Subject: Chromed Steel Wheels
>I have not had much success cleanig up the aluminum wheels that came as OEM
>on my 89 Dakota 4x4 and was thinking of getting a set of Chromed Steel
>I have seen quite a variation in prices on these wheels and was wondering
>what the concensous opinion was on; American Racing, Superior & Weld Racing
>Also, if anyone has any good hints (painting, polishing, etc) on how to make
>factory alumium wheels look good again that would be appreciated. I have
>removed all the clear coat (actually what was left) and have tried to polish
>with aluminum polish and a scotchbrite wheel but the wheels still remain
>Dave Clement
 Dick Mellon,
 Boyne City Michigan


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