Re: 4 wheel drive

From: J B Cleary (
Date: Fri Oct 18 1996 - 16:58:25 EDT

Hi Robert:
The Dakota has disconnects at the front differential. The axles still turn
in two wheel drive but the Dif. does not.
Sure grip only comes for the rear axle. (don't have it myself but wished I
did on several occasions.)
I don't think the difference in fuel mileage is that great but it is there.
 I get a maximum of 20mpg (Canadian gallons) from my 89 Sport 4x4. Don't
know how that compares to 89 two wheel drives. I also have large tires and
a 3" body lift which does not help mileage at all.

Brian Cleary

> From: Robert P. Agnew <>
> To:
> Subject: 4 wheel drive
> Date: October 18, 1996 3:00 PM
> Gents:
> Not being involved with 4x4's since the 1970's, where such thing as Warn
> Hubs and 'permanent' (ugh!) 4 wheel drive were the choices, I a curious
> the 4 wheel drive works on the new Dakota. I know it doesn't have leaf
> springs or a solid axle ... but:
> - when not in 4 wheel drive, do the front hubs free wheel, or are you
> turning the front axles?
> - when you order 'sure grip', is it front and rear?
> - is there a significant lose in fuel economy or 'get up' compared to the
> two wheel drive Dakota?
> Thanks for your advice.
> Robert P. Agnew
> Victoria, British Columbia
> Canada

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