Re: Dakota R/T In WI $2,000 off sticker price

From: Dave Rench (
Date: Mon Jun 01 1998 - 14:18:28 EDT

Since nobody from the list bit on the black R/T (if you did, you didn't
offer me a ride!), we'll try again. Same dealer (Don Miller Dodge in
Madison WI) has a blue reg cab R/T for $19,900. I believe sticker is
around $22,000. I was told it has overhead console (but haven't seen the
vehicle so usual disclaimers apply) which would be relatively rare among
R/T's. Nice truck with a discount off sticker as opposed to a mark up over
sticker. Happy hunting!

> From: Dave Rench <>
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> Subject: Dakota R/T In WI $2,000 off sticker price
> Date: Sunday, April 12, 1998 3:48 PM
> For anybody that may be interested, I was in Madison, WI over the weekend
> and there is a black, reg cab, 5.9 R/T for sale at Don Miller Dodge
> don't have the phone number on me). It was optioned similarly to the
> others described on the list (no overhead console). I didn't write the
> actual prices down, but the sticker was in the area of $20,900 I believe
> and it was marked as available for around $18,900 (until 4/20 or so it
> said). I was tempted to try and work something out (it's one sharp
> but having just purchased a '97 5.2 last spring, I think the depreciation
> gods would have their way with me. If anybody on this list buys it, I'd
> love a ride!
> Dave Rench
> Krause Publications

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