Electric fans on your Dak

From: bgbeaird@neosoft.com
Date: Mon Jun 01 1998 - 17:55:15 EDT

>I've been looking over the electric fans page in the Summit catalog
>again. I've got myself convinced that switched to an electric fan
>would be a good idea.

>Has anyone else removed their belt-powered fan and installed
>an electric puller fan?

>I'm thinking along the lines of the Flex-a-Lite Black Magic....

Has anyone looked at the Grand Wagoneer 5.9 fan setups? They have a temp
sensor that goes in the upper radiator hose and the wiring just goes from
the sensor to the fan with a separate power hookup. It would be
interesting if someone could take measurements and see if they might fit.
 If no one can do so, I can have a friend measure his setup on his GW and
LMK. We discussed this mod for the R/T. Should be worth about 10 HP :-)

Gene Beaird
Oh, by the way, our brand new Flame Red R/T has been safely tucked into
bed. So far, we have put the first 48 miles of it's 51 mile life on it.
It is soooooo cool! :-)

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