Re: Very sad(jim)

From: jim miller (
Date: Mon Jun 01 1998 - 22:58:17 EDT wrote:

> Jim,
> I think my estimate was June 6 or so wasn't it?
> Jun 6 is Sat.........Awwww, that means you will have to wait until Monday for
> delivery.

It just made me miss Mopars on the river and Mopar day at Ennis, and I cant go on
any overnight
trips cause I have 8 indoor cats and a 5 year old Dalmatian couch potato. Would
cost a fortune to board the animals and my wife wont go away and leave them
anyway. You gotta understand they are her children. She just wouldn't trust
anyone to care for them. I am just tired of driving my wifes FOMOCO! Everytime
I punch it she thinks it will tear it up. (might). It only has 6,500 miles on it
so I guess its about shot? O well I am not alone. The dealer says there are 4
customers about to kick his butt because their trucks have not come in either. I
am just tired of looking at these valve covers, air cleaner, stereo and speakers
I already ordered and got here waiting for a place to go. You know I have been
trying to get a new Dak since September. It may not be in the cards for me to
have one.
Jim Miller
Waco, Tx
Still Dakless

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