Re: CC & Merc... again....

From: Mike P Sykes (
Date: Mon Jun 01 1998 - 23:25:12 EDT

Good point. I would jump on the chance to get experience from the best,
though, even if it means moving to Germany. I think it's a stupid move on
Chry's part also, but we can't change it now. I don't think Merc is the
Take-Over type. I know the other German Manufacturers that bought smaller
companies didn't change them, maybe we'll be saved. =) I gotta' agree
with you on the Gov't thing. If Ferd and Chebby were to merge, the shit
would hit the fan. Although, wasn't there a Chrysler/Chevy type joint
venture called AMC in the early 70's or something? I wasn't alive at the
time, so I'm a little hazy on the subject =) Too bad the company flopped,
probably coulda' come out with some good shit! Oh well lets keep our
fingers crossed =) Good Luck!!
-mike sykes

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On Mon, 1 Jun 1998 05:22:03 EDT Rekker21@AOL.COM writes:
>In a message dated 98-06-01 03:26:39 EDT, you write:
><< I
> just wanna' know, is this gonna' effect you're job at CC? I'd hate to
> lose a good gig like that! >>
>Nah, I dont think it will Mike. Eaton told us that this wont effect
>any jobs,
>although He also said this was "a merger of equals, a perfect
>marriage!" so He
>could be lieing about the job thing too!! I heard that if anything
>they might
>want to swop some people around to get people a little more
>experience, like
>bringing some Germans here and sending some of us over there for like
>1 or 1.5
>year stints. But who knows, all I know is that I dont trust Eaton
>Why sell a car company that has made the impossible rebound that we
>have? I
>mean its not like were losing money anymore!! Shit, we're the
>benchmark for
>the Industry now!! Personaly, I think the Gov. should stop it! They
>would if
>we were trying to merge or were bought out by Ferd or GM ( heaven
>forbid!! ),
>so why let this deal go through?
>Eric K

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