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From: Bruce Bridges (
Date: Tue Jun 02 1998 - 16:26:08 EDT

In my dyslexic way this is basically what I meant. If the clutch leaks it
fluid it can go loose and raory (with wobble usually) or connected and
At 03:35 PM 6/2/98 -0400, you wrote:
>> Brian Blater wrote:
>> I noticed a problem a couple of weeks ago when I first used the air
>> conditioner this year. Before I turned the air on the engine sounded
>> great. After turning the air on, It started making a loud "roar" when
>> giving it the gas from a dead start or having to really give it the
>> gas (like when you first start it up in the morning and the engine
>> hasn't warmed up yet). This even continued for a while after turning
>> the air off. Well, yesterday I used the air again and the same thing
>> happened. However, this time I can't seem to get the engine back to
>> "normal". This is now about 24 hours later.
>> Any ideas what is going on? I can't think of a better explaination of
>> what the engine is doing other than "roar." The truck is a 96 4x4 SLT
>> 5.2l CC. Any ideas will be greately appreciated.
>> Brian
>> 96 Dakota 4x4 V8 SLT CC
>Sounds like the fan clutch engaging because the engine temp is up due to
>the AC condenser dumping all that heat through the radiator. This
>happens to me occasionally if I'm sitting in traffic - I go to give gas
>to accelerate and ROOOAARRR! The fan usually quiets down after I get
>moving and the engine cools down a bit.
>If your fan is still making the roaring sound - ie. it never seems to
>return to normal, the fan clutch may be stuck engaged. The fan should be
>able to spin freely with the engine off.
>98 rc v8 5spd 3.55sg flares fipk

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