Re: RE: DO NOT change t-stat...(Jules, help!)

Date: Tue Jun 02 1998 - 15:44:31 EDT

> << Lowering the Tstat temp will cause the fan to run more won't it? Won't
> that rob you of precious HP more often unless you have an electric fan?
> i.e. if it's not necessary for the engine to cool itself at 180, then
> why pay the HP cost? >>
> I would think the fan would run less. The motor always would run cooler with
> the 180, so it would never get high (hot) enough (or, not as often) to make
> the vicious coupling engage in the fan.
> Brad


{ed mcmahon voice}
{/ed mcmahon voice}

The viscosity of the fluid clutch increases as the temp behind
the radiator rises. If the clutch doesn't get as hot, the fluid
won't get as thick and the engine won't have to work so hard
to turn that windmill.


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