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Date: Wed Jun 03 1998 - 10:25:07 EDT

To think that a it is possible to drain the oil out of a engine,throw a
bunch of sand in it,screw the oil filter off of it and still be able to run
it is a joke. Don't buy into this BS guys! Spend your hard earned money on
something worthwhile for your truck! Slick 50 = the slickest way to swipe
$50 out of your wallet! I have raced my Dak. with the same engine for 4 or
more years with the same 360 engine (all stock bottom end) and use nothing
more than 30 weight oil in it. Dahrl Clark 88 2WD 10.97@121
Clarks Radiator Service
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Date: Tuesday, June 02, 1998 8:48 PM
Subject: Re: DML: PROLONG

>I would be very carefull of Prolong I remember Chrysler said once that they
>had tested prolong and a couple of others and they said that it would be a
>detrement to the engine because of the combination of chemicals used in the
>manufacture of
>these"cure alls".Stay away from additives and maybe just go a good
>You especially want to add nothing untill the engine breaks in maybe 10,000
>If it sounds to good to be true "IT IS".
> Waltr P in Seattle

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