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From: Christopher Bennight (
Date: Tue Jun 02 1998 - 05:27:20 EDT

    Howdy all, I'm a new member of the list, and had a couple of questions.
    First of all, I am a long time member of the f-body (camaro/firebird)
list, and see a lot of the same issues being raised.
    As for the thermostats, it is a common practice to go from the stock 190
degree thermostat to a 160 degree thermostat, and to wire a switch to work
the electric fans. I did this in my car,( a '96 z28), and went from a
13.72 at 102.6 to a 13.70 at 103.4. This was on the same night, neither was
my first run, and the only difference was the thermostat change. I have had
no driveability problems, and the computer stays in closed loop mode (it is
primarily the o2 sensors that determine this anyway - and mine are heated)
but I am going to change to the 180 degree on my 97 5.2L dak.
    I also see that there is alot of discussion about air intake. The
consensus of the f-body list is that ram air, at least as it is implemented
on the pointiac, works, but not much better than a standard cold air intake
(dyno results at I am thinking of fashioning a cold air for
the dakota, with a large type cone K&N in the front fender where the air box
was, and some LARGE air ducting hose to the throttle body. Has anybody done
this, and can anyone see any problems with mud/water getting in at this
    As for the exhuast delete causing a loss of torque, I did the exace same
thing on my z, and the muffler delete (still 2 cats) caused a noticeable
loss of low end torque, but a even larger gain at high speeds. I went from
a 13.70@103.4 to a 13.61@104.1. All for about 20 bucks.
    What mods would you all reccomend that wouldn't set a code on the '97
    I just had my transmission rebuilt (it broke), and had them put in some
heavy duty clutch packs, kevlar shift bands, a trans-go shift kit, and a
2000-2500 pro-torque torque converter. What kind of gains should I expect
in my otherwise stock dak? Anyone done similar mods?
    A company in houston, GTP (Gallant Technical Performance), is going to
do a heads/intake full port and polish, for me, and I was thinking of
changing the cam. My question is: has anyone done similar mods? Suggested
cams? Will this set trouble codes with my computer? I have been told that
the dealer can re-program the computer if I give them the flowbench numbers
for the heads? Any truth to this?

    Thanks for your help

Craig Bennight
97 Dakota 4x4 x-cab 5.2L sport. 15.9@89.4
96 Z28 350 w/bolt-ons 13.61@104.1

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