RE: Performance vs break-in

From: joel (
Date: Sat Jun 06 1998 - 14:30:50 EDT

I test drove an auto 4X4, ext cab, V8 with the larger tire and it smoked em
right off. It had about 30miles. Everytime I stomped on it from standstill
the tires would spin.
I special orderd a v8 5sp and it smokes em as well without hesitation. The
powerband starts from around 2500 so it could use some more umph below 2500.


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> When I drive my new 98 dak V8 home from the dealer I loved the feal of
> solidness of chassis that I have never experienced in any other
> veichle I have owned. It is quiet and smoother riding than I
> expected. I could not be happier. Now, the accelleration was
> somewhat dissapointing. Even with the 318 v8, 3.92 axel, short bed
> reg cab and Mopar headers I was afraid the truck was going to be a
> "slug" Just to get moving I had to push the gas pretty far and
> flooring it from a standstill would not even try to spin the 235r70x15
> tires. But after putting about 100 miles on the truck i has sudenly
> began to change dramatically. I even changed to 275r60x15 tires that
> are wider and a little taller than the 70s were. Now the truck has
> 130 miles on it and it takes off very quickly with only 1/3 throttle
> and 1/2 throttle will produce wheel spin on both wheels. Is it
> possable that the new engine was soo tight that it actually lost a lot
> of power? Wonder how much better it will get. Seems real peppy now.
> Still have the stock muffler on it but I ordered a 2.5" straight
> through muffler for it. I think I'll put that on and try it for a
> while before going any further. Any suggestions? Anybody else find
> the first 100 miles were not very fast?
> Jim Miller
> Waco, Tx
> 98 Reg cab V8 auto, 3.92SG
> Mopar headers

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