Re: shoulder harness failure

From: jim miller (
Date: Fri Jun 05 1998 - 23:08:34 EDT

Joe Dille wrote:

> Bob,
> I am the guy who had questions about the passenger seat belt. I have a 1998
> CC sport with the 5.2l 5-speed. I noticed the passenger belt did not lock when
> pulled quickley, but the drivers side did.

Jim Miller says;I got my new 98 dak reg cab yesterday. I just got in the truck and
pulled on the driver side belt. It locked up when I pulled on it. I pulled on the
passenger side belt. It Did NOT lock up. So mine is the same as yours. I believe
that is probably what all the new ones do. NOW, I tried the same thing on my
wifes 96 Cougar and niether side would lock up by pulling on the belt. I don't
know the reason for any of this but Somebody does. Question is WHO?
Jim Miller
Waco, Tx
98 Reg cab
318 auto, 3.92 sg

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