Re: stupidity killed my motor

Date: Fri Jun 05 1998 - 15:05:26 EDT

> In a message dated 98-06-04 19:33:38 EDT, you write:
> << No sympathy from me. >>
> Damn Scott your mean, give him a break everybody makes a mistake but I to
> don't believe K&N should be responsible.. Real expensive lesson fer shurrr..

I was just a little fired-up after reading his statements about
"recourse from K&N". The thought of someone suing a company
due to their own stupidity really gets to me. I guess I'm too

I'd *never* sue anyone after *I* made a mod to either of my vehicles.
The only time where I think you have a leg to stand on is if you ask
the dealership to install a part from the Mopar Performance catalog.
For example, if I pay $400 for the cam and lifters and then another
$400 to have it installed by Chrysler/Dodge dealership mechanics
and my truck blows apart three miles down the road, then I'm going
after the dealership. But mods done at home are no ones fault but
your own.

Like I said, I've dropped sockets and bolts into carbs, down the
holes where the pushrods live and into other places on the engine.
I'd never blame someone else because I am a "shadetree mechanic".


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