Re: DML Door locks?

From: Compaq (
Date: Sat Jun 06 1998 - 17:34:27 EDT

I had a similar problem with a 96 dak. The lever that pivots the locking
mech. was rusted at the pivot point. The components showed signs of
haveing corrosion resistant coatings but mine was rusted. The rivet was
rotating with the lever. Ussaully the rivet is stationaonary and the lever
rotates on a journal on the rivet. I would recommend flooding with lube
before disassembly as the entire latch has to come out if still stuck.
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> Subject: DML: DML Door locks?
> Date: Saturday, June 06, 1998 12:31 PM
> Does anyone have a problem with their Daks door locks? My passenger side
> open! Any ideas?
> Eric

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