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Date: Sat Jun 06 1998 - 18:18:04 EDT

If you sue a firearms manufacture for the hammer breaking when being used
properly ie firing, and hiting you in the eye, you would have a product
liability case. Mis use always relieves manufactures of some or all
respondsibility. Now to my point. I bought this shouder harness to keep
me from striking the interior of the vehicle should an accicent for any
reason occur. An expert on auto accident reconstructions has looked at my
vehicle and shoulder harness and has determined I was wearing it and the
angle and magnatude of the crash should have not resulted in a passenger
impact with the interior.

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> << I have
> not heard of anyone suing Smith and Wesson for building a gun which
> used wrongly and killed someone. >>
> They have tried, but to no success. They have also tried to sue the
> manufactures.
> George

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