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From: the bobster (charger69rt@inficad.com)
Date: Sat Jun 06 1998 - 12:00:27 EDT

I'm rob lipinski from phx az

1969rt charger and 1970 440-6 challenger are our heavy duty mopars,
a 1992 v8 dakota and slant 6 82 van round out our fleet.

The dakota had it's fist trip ever to the strip last nite.
After reading some of the numbers on mailing lists...I was somewhat
disappointed with turning a best of 16.4/83mph. Guess I'll have to
look out for them hi-po hondas.

The truck is a stone stock big cab with a shell on it. Well it sure
gives me room to improve it.

The only consolation is that was about the same numbers my first
mopar (a 1965 Fury 1 383 police car) ran in 1968 when it was stock.

My Dakota did the raditor top tank zipper seam trick last summer.

I was going out of town that weekend and had a choice of the factory
aluminum/plastic for $400 or a copper/brass from Thailand for $300.
The copper/brass won out...slightly more weight..but well built and a perfect fit.

On a different note...my charger, Big Red, has returned to the road
after a weld the broken control arm attach point exercise.For that car:
I'm looking for a pair of slotted mag wleels to match the pair I have
already.They are 15x8.5" with a polished surface.0 offset.4.5" circle.
You can respond privately if you would like.

thanks all...this list is great...that tony guy with the honda seems
a little anoying, but if he really has a dakota I guess is is
acceptable.....My daughter drives a toyota celica that was too good of
deal to refuse.....(now that I think about it...it maybe faster than
my dakota !!!)




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