Re: Wed nite drags 6-3

Date: Sat Jun 06 1998 - 20:02:32 EDT

In a message dated 98-06-06 00:16:31 EDT, you write:

<< (It was nice of Larry to let me win one again, don't you think?) ;-)
 he's slipping. I can only hope... :-) >>

You know I got to thinking and if I remember right you took me and 2 other
Daks out by our breaking out. Boy when your running against ole hot shot Jon
there is no letting off, it's a race to the line. You did real good with the
dial but that last one was a little close (15.41 on the 15.40). Lots of fun
and the Daks are consistenly in the finals, that even makes it more fun....
Now whippin on Larry was pretty cool but now you need to get him going for the


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