Future Mods... questions....

From: Mike P Sykes (miggitymike@juno.com)
Date: Sun Jun 07 1998 - 19:20:39 EDT

Okay Guru's, ya'll are the all knowing body that is the DML, so I
approach ya'll with this question. I wanna' go fast, but keep the V6
(pause for audience laughter). I have plans for a Cam (not sure on specs
cuz' I don't have the MP catalog, but it's the 3rd most radical one),
Headers from Edelbrock (might even get that stuff you wrap around the
headers to make the engine bay run cooler), Open element Air cleaner (14"
most likely). Throttle Body from a V8, Intake machined (as suggested in
Mopar Muscle June 98). In the distant future, I am looking at the PTM
from Hypertech (since they don't make a Comp) Heads ported and polished,
and I may adapt some Ram Air like Jon and Mike and all ya'll have. What
do you guys think? I think all these mods put together can give me 200+
hp out of a V6 which wouldn't be too shabby =).... maybe try and run with
you V8 guys he he he.... thanks everyone!!!
-mike sykes

88, V6, LE, 3.55, SlushBox
miggitymike@juno.com >or< mpsykes@erols.com

" They might call us crazy, but they'll do it from
behind, while staring at a tailgate." -Jon Steiger

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