Re: Re: Ram Air-vs-Open Air

Date: Sun Jun 07 1998 - 22:14:02 EDT

In a message dated 98-06-06 23:06:02 EDT, you write:

<< Well I hung the thermometer
 dangling from the top of the driver side window >>

Hey Mike

Coool experiment for sure. Say you don't live anywhere near Jon do you ? Man
if you two guys could get together, you know Jon with his yarn dangling all
over the hood and you with your wife's thermometer hanging on the window, it
would be a pretty awesome sight, if ya didn't get hauled away in straight
jackets. But that was a pretty interesting deal you did and good info. That
was quite a difference fer shurrr and would definitely help. It will be
interesting to see the track results. Keep us posted, did I say that, really
I'm not involved with those guys get that jacket off of meeeee..


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