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Date: Sun Jun 07 1998 - 22:14:03 EDT

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<< Mike! Good work!!! :-)
   Now there's a guy I can relate to. :-) I've been wanting to try
 something like that myself, but I couldn't figure out a good way to pull
 it off. That indoor/outdoor thermometer was an excellent idea! I'm going
 to have to try that myself. Another aspect to this that I've been
 wanting to try is to measure the airflow (through a ram-air duct or
 a hood scoop vent, for example.) That one I'm still trying to figure
 out; but at least I know how to get the temps now! :-)
   Heh heh heh! Thermometers hanging out of windows, yarn taped to the
 hood, pressure cookers recruited into ram-air duty... Anything in the quest
 for performance! :-) They might call us crazy, but they'll do it from
 behind, while staring at a tailgate. ;-)
                                        -Jon- >>

See previous post of mine to Mike about above. Have I got these guys figured
out or what ? I just knew Jon could relate to Mikes project. And no doubt
we'll know the velocity of ram air before it's all over...

Still chuckling

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