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Date: Sun Jun 07 1998 - 22:14:00 EDT

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<< ran a 15.413 on a 15.40. (Then the Ferd lost with his 16.144 on a 16.00
 to my 15.411 on a 15.40. >>

Yeh you did a good job of dial in this time fer shurrrr. Both of those were
real close.

<<It definitely helps, I think, to know exactly what's going on.>>

Yepper. I have the mag I was telling you about in the truck so remind me at
the track and I'll let you take it, it explains quite a lot of things. One
point of interest was to make sure you know the other guys dial-in so you know
what to expect at the lights. This is a good point fer shurrr.

<<My biggest problem/concern at the moment is trying to get my dialins more

Practice, practice, practice and record all the info you can for future use. I
made a form to use to record several things to refer back to when encountering
similar situations. If I remember I'll print some up and give you some to use
or atleast give ya some ideas for your own.

<<I don't recall EVER winning against Larry; this
time, I got lucky and he got beat before I had a chance to run him...) :-)
   (He doesn't usually pull 3.5 reaction times when he's going for that
trophy!) ;-)>>

I was thinking you had run Larry when he broke out but I think it may have
been the Viper Dak ? Larry has done a lot of racing both Cars and Snomobiles
and he is pretty good fer shurrr. He used to use other stratagies also but I
haven't seen him doing it this year. He has a lot of trophies fer shurrrr. I'm
kinda anxious to see his Dak when done with the 340 in it but it doesn't sound
like it will be real soon.


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