Re: Ram Air-vs-Open Air (Scott)

From: Mike Catlin (
Date: Mon Jun 08 1998 - 13:28:56 EDT

>>the air cleaner & ram air measurements were taken in the
>>wind stream just above the throttle body bores. As you
>>can see the ram air was 21 degrees cooler. This doesn't
>>take in consideration volume so you can see why I'm curious
>>to get back to the track to see which one is better.
>>When I finally finished up I re-hung the wife's thermometer
>>and she none the wiser although weatherman said lows tonight
>>about 60 and her outdoor reading is calling for frost :~0.
>>Mike Catlin

>You must be reading my mind. I was thinking of doing the exact
>same thing but I couldn't think of a way to secure the temperature
>probe inside the air cleaner so that it wouldn't accidently get
>sucked into the engine.

>The difference in temp really doesn't surprise me. Did you do any
>high-speed highway driving or was it mostly in town?

Also drove on the highway.

>Which "ram air" setup were you using for your test?

I cut the flap on the left side of radiator funneling
that air into stock box w/K&N filter.

>Does this mean you are going to ditch your
>Mopar Performance air cleaner?
- -Scott

No, My next project is to set up ram air using
the MP air cleaner. I miss the roar from the
MP air cleaner :~).

Mike Catlin


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