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Date: Tue Jun 09 1998 - 14:58:48 EDT

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>On Tue, 9 Jun 1998, Jeff Lee wrote:
>> This may seem like an off the wall question, but what have you guys
>> found the oil refill capacity to be on your V8s? I know the manual says
>> 5 qts with filter, yada, yada, ... but I just did the second oil/filter
>> change on my truck, filled it with 5qts, and then checked it later after
>> running the engine to find the level 1/2 qt low on the stick. I noticed
>> this after the first oil/filter change as well, but not till after I had
>> 2K miles on the oil - thought maybe the engine had used a half quart
>> while breaking in.
>> I have seen this on my Plymouth minivan with a 3.3l V6 as well. The
>> manual calls for 4.5qts with filter, but it consistantly takes a full
>> 5qts to bring the level to the full mark on the dipstick.
>> Has anybody else seen this on their Dak??
>> Do the Dodge engines have extra/reserve oil capacity? (Unlikely, but
>> possible).
>> Is this difference due to the engine oil galleries and channels filling
>> up and not draining back into the pan? Many of the oil filters now claim
>> to have anti-drainback valves in them to keep the galleries filled for
>> startup. I usually check the oil cold, so any drainback thats going to
>> occur should have already done so.
>> The bottom line question is: should I top off to the full line on the
>> stick (5.5qts)? I have been doing that on my minivan for the last 45K
>> miles with no ill effects (like blown seals, etc.).
> When I change my oil, I like the level to be in the middle; between
>the full and "add" marks. With my '96 5.2l, 5 quarts puts it exactly
>there. (I always change my filter; if you don't change the filter,
>you'll need less, of course.) Its nice not having to worry about
>getting half a quart in there; I just empty, put on a new filter,
>and dump 5 quarts in the top. I run it for a minute or so and shut it
>off, then wait a few minutes and check the level, just to be sure. So
>far, its always been in the same place; right in the middle.
> That's how I've always changed my oil. I don't know how important
>the oil level is on the Daks, but with my previous car's engine,
>(Mitsubishi 3.0l twin turbocharged) you had to be careful not to
>overfill it, or you risk "foaming". I forget exactly what causes
>it, but if you overfill the oil in an engine, it can be churned up
>into foam (by the valvetrain, maybe?) and is generally not a good
>thing for your engine. So, I keep mine right in the middle, which I
>figure is the safest point between the two extremes of foaming and
>running out of oil.

"Foaming" is usually caused by the crank being submerged in the oil (from
having it overfull) which in turn "churns" up the oil and causes it to foam
which makes it less able to be circulated .


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