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<< > but I have yet to hear from anyone on the DML who has not experienced a
> after installing an aftermarket ignition.
 ets are subject to many variables >>

I put the MSD on during the winter (tried to use it last test and tune but the
retard box was bad (eventually found that out) so went back to stock and
installed during off months) went back to racing in the spring but was 2 to 3
tenths slower than fall, Lots of variables as you say but also noticed less
power (speciifically on a regularly traveled hill) and got to thinking that
the only real change was the MSD. I went to the track made 3 runs with MSD
unhooked it made 3 runs stock and then repeated the process again.
Consistently with MSD hooked it was 2 to 3 tenths slower. I tried again in
another week, same results. I now have a switch and relay set up to switch
between stock and MSD other than the Blaster 3 coil runs on both. A couple of
times when done racing I forgot to switch it back and always get reminded when
I get to the hill. With MSD 99% of the time it will down shift on the hill
with only me in the truck. With stock 99% of the time it will pull the hill no
problem without shifting down even with 2 people ???????????????????????????
What would you think about this test???????? Pretty clear cut to me. Why, I
don't know I called MSD and they told me to unhook the Computer for several
minutes and let it relearn with the MSD, I did that several times, same
results.. I do use it with the NOS to retard the timing (only when the juice
comes on) to be able to use MP computer for raised rev limiter and it run
pretty good but I would like to try the stock computer with a rasied rev
limiter and no MSD. I had run a 13.33 @ 103 with the stock computer and no NOS
and street tires. With MSD and BFGDR's and pulleys best run 12.95 @ 104 ???

What ya tink ??


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