Re: T-Body Plan & ???'s (Hey, Eric!)

Date: Wed Jun 10 1998 - 18:14:32 EDT

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<< If I remember correctly, you have an MPI throttle body, right? From what
 you can see, what has actually been done to it? Please be specific, I
 plan to do mine myself & would like some hints. My plan is to shave the
 top completely smooth (except tabs to reference the air cleaner & around
 the S-bolt threaded hole), smooth the top part (above the butterfly) of
 each bore so that it matches the lower part that is already machined, and
 relieve the corner where the top of the throttle body meets each bore. Is
 this consistent with the work done to yours? Thanks for the help.
 Steve >>
Steve, I think youre right about the plan.
  nope, I did mine myself. And I pretty much did what you have planned for
yours. I scribed a line on the TB where the butterflys are and nocked down
both top and bottom to match where the butterflys are. Mowed the top down
flush except about 2mm on the front and back to line up the aircleaner. Then
polished the puppy but good! Breaths awesome! If you want to get into better
breathing even more, do the other mod that I did. I shortened the runners in
the Intake and boxed in the plenum! Those mods with the TB mod really cooks!
85-110+ in a flash!

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