Re: T-Body Plan & ???'s (Hey, Eric!)

From: Christopher J. Lang (
Date: Wed Jun 10 1998 - 20:25:55 EDT

I'd like to get on the list for the T-body if its not too late I've got a
93 so it would fit mine according to jules. Instead of doing it myself
i'd like to use it to send mine out to jules and have him work his magic
on it and then I'd pass it on. If i'm too late to get on the list or
this whole thing has blown up by now just tell me thanks....

Chris lang
93 V8 CC 4x4
BTW.... I'm in upstate NY

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From: Stephan Boianoff <>
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Date: Wednesday, June 10, 1998 2:48 PM
Subject: DML: T-Body Plan & ???'s (Hey, Eric!)

>>>> <> 06/10/98 04:22am >>>
>yeah Steve thats what my intentions are, do you think its a good or bad
>I hope everyone particitpating will be honest about it. Let me know what
>think before I send it out.
>Well, it's a great idea (and very generous of you), but in the real world
>have my doubts. In any group of people, there is always someone who
>will take advantage of the situation. I guess if you are sure to never
>have a need for that spare throttle body, you have nothing to lose, but
>it were me...there are alot of obstacles (honesty, machining skills,
>BTW, I'm sure you've seen Jules' posts about what years throttle bodies
>are interchangeable, how many people are actually going to be involved
>that have throttle bodies that will interchange?
>If I remember correctly, you have an MPI throttle body, right? From what
>you can see, what has actually been done to it? Please be specific, I
>plan to do mine myself & would like some hints. My plan is to shave the
>top completely smooth (except tabs to reference the air cleaner & around
>the S-bolt threaded hole), smooth the top part (above the butterfly) of
>each bore so that it matches the lower part that is already machined, and
>relieve the corner where the top of the throttle body meets each bore.
>this consistent with the work done to yours? Thanks for the help.

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