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Date: Thu Jun 11 1998 - 16:00:27 EDT

At 12:31 PM 6/11/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Burnout? I can barely chirp the tires with my R/T CC. something must be
>wrong with mine.
I was wondering the same . After the Motor Trend TV report with a RC
lightin' em up , I thought something was wrong with mine . I think it's the
added weight and the longer wheelbase though .

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> The R/T's are lowered about 1" in the front and about 2" in
>the rear compared to a regular v8 dakota. I am not sure how they did this
>though. It has a heaver front sway bar than stock and has a sway bar on the
>rear. It has an aluminum drive shaft and some kind of brace which connects
>from the rear leaf springs to the chassis to prevent wheel hop. It works
>very well because I have never even felt the slightest wheel hop, even on
>20ft+ burnouts. BEst bet would be to locate an R/T and give it a good look
>over to see what your looking for.
> -james
> RC R/T
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>11:31 AM >>>
> I'm in the process of searching for a 97 or 98 5.2 5-sp.
>When I purchase one I intend to
> "upgrade" the suspension to R/T specs. I have searched
>through the mailing list's archives
> hopeing to find a post detailing the unique suspension
>components on a R/T.
> Unfortunatly, no luck. Can someone enlighten me on this
> Perspective DAK Owner,
> Bob Wimmer

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