Re: Unique R/T Parts

From: Donny M Hayes (
Date: Thu Jun 11 1998 - 16:03:40 EDT

How many miles do you have on it?

Mine didn't get really strong feeling until about 2500 miles, and the FABM
may have helped too around that time.
The RT is a heavy truck though, especially the CC, and in normal (even heavy
throttle) driving, you won't get any wheel spin to note. But you can always
break torque it up and then VAVOOM, you've got some nice long STRAIGHT burn

The weight really hurts this truck and I have gotten my share of ribbing
from 5.2 5 speed owners who think they can beat me (probably can) but I
wanted the 360 so when I began the mods, I would have a good starting point.
Speed is more than just a straight line to me, and the RT's handling is
right up there with sports cars.

If you think it is sluggish or just want to try, you can disconnect your
battery from the negative terminal, let it sit for a little while (some say
overnight) and reconnect. This should reset any trouble codes in your PCM.

Just my $.02

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>Not to sound stupid , but my '98 CC R/T won't spin the wheels .

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