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Date: Thu Jun 11 1998 - 21:48:22 EDT

 thanks for a look at some great photos. which reminds me of what I saw here
in Colorado the other day. It was an SS/T that also had on its side "Viper
600". Is that a hennessey massaged motor, or just a decal to deceive
everyone? Also I saw a DAK that was called "Westerm Colony". On it there was
painted bed rails to match the body and what looked like body panels that
made it appear lowered. Has anybody else seen these type of vehicles in
their areas and also where does one get these type of body panels that don't
have the wheel flairs molded into them? They went from the front rear of the
wheel wells,along the lower cab area and continued on the bed region and
split the rear wheel wells to the corner of the bed. They looked sharp and I
couldn't change lanes to talk to the owner.

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>Hey everyone, check out this URL, it has some good pics and even has the
real video clip from the Motor Trend TV road test of the Dakota R/T RC.

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