RE: Dak Trouble codes

From: Gary E. Klim (
Date: Thu Jun 11 1998 - 21:32:37 EDT

The Trip Odo routine is only for instrument cluster "self check". You have
to have the Chrysler scan tool to read error codes. There doesn't seem to be
any aftermarket support yet for '97-'98 models as far as scan tools are
concerned. The Chrysler tool is approximately $3,500 if I remember


Gary E. Klim - Somewhere in central Connecticut

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> Does anyone on the list know the trouble codes for the 97-98 Daks?
> I have a 98 DAK RT CC and don't have any problems now, but would like to
> know just for the sake of it.
> I know you hold in the TRIP OD button while turning the key to the ON
> position to get the codes to begin, but what do you do if you get a code?
> Does the factory shop manual have this info?
> Thanks,

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