Re: Dual exhaust problems..

From: jim miller (
Date: Thu Jun 11 1998 - 23:37:49 EDT

> I ran two 2 1/2" pipes off my Borla headers into 2 two chamber flowmasters
> with angle cut turn downs.. The sound, is only comparable to my friends
> Smallblock Chevy with full length headers with the same muffler setup..
> I moved the O2 sensors as far foward as they'd go.. and left about 15"
> inbetween them.. performance wise, by comparing to others' rides I believe
> I've dropped about 3 tenths.. midrange-top end performance is explosive, no
> codes, either..
> again, kicking myself for not throwing that single exhaust setup in the trash
> on day one..
> Jim Miller says;

I looked under my 98 and I don't see how 2 mufflers can fit easily and I don't
see how a tailpipe run to the left rear can clear the spare tire. There doesn't
seem to be much room between the drive shaft and the frame. I have a reg cab swb
V8 auto 2wd with Mopar headers. I sure would like the headers to do all the good
they can. I still have the stock exhaust on right now and I don't think the
headers do much with the stock system behind them..Jim Miller
Waco Tx.

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