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From: W. Jack Hilton III (
Date: Fri Jun 12 1998 - 15:32:50 EDT

I guess I could just bend the bolt that comes off the original unit , but I
bet it's too short after the bend , eh ?

At 02:09 PM 6/12/98 -0500, you wrote:
>You need to make the S-bolt yourself (bend it in a vise). Threaded rod is
>the easy way to go, but a long bolt with head cut off and new threads on
>that end is stronger & may flow a little better. No fancy Grade 8 bolts
>either. Yes, they are stronger, but they are also more brittle. You just
>need to find out exactly how long it needs to be from tip to tip. Good luck.
>>>> "W. Jack Hilton III" <> 06/12/98 01:38pm >>>
>I just got off the phone with Summit ordering my 14" chrome air cleaner
>spacer for my R/T .
>The spacer was $8.95 and the air cleaner and the K&N style filter were
>about $39 .
>what I need to know is where do I get the S-bolt from . I asked Summit
>he seemed kinda mystified .
>I know what they are , but I am not sure if I need a specific part # or
>where to get one .
>Thanks for the help and thenk YOU Sean Meldrum for the big brains !
>Jack Hilton
>'98 CC R/T "Black Death"
Jack Hilton

'98 CC R/T "Black Death"

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