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Date: Fri Jun 12 1998 - 20:20:30 EDT

The fog lamps are made by BOSCH for Chrysler. The fog lamp assembly is part
# 4504 803 and will cost you $52 each. The dealer should be able to get them
for you. I have also seen an after market fog lamp kit by BOSCH that had the
same lamps with different housings. If you still have the your housings, you
can buy this kit for about $50 bucks and have a set of two. I recall seeing
them at Pep Boys though not recently. If you can find a parts store in your
area that carries BOSCH lamps, you can probably order a set.
P.S. The Black plastic covers for the 88' Sport, that say "DAKOTA" are part #
4482 726 and are $6.25 each.
88' Dodge Dakota Sport 4x4.

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Hi- I recently became the proude owner of an `88 4x4 shortbed sport<<
3.9 V6/4spd auto. I'm having great fun with it, but it's missing the<<
fog light on the driver's side. Checking with the local dealer yielded<<
no dice, so I was wondering if anyone out there knew of a source, part #,<<
way to jury rig a replacement, etc. for the lights. Also, the previous<<
owner decided that it was more important to have a toolbox than a "roll"<<
bar, so he took the factory one out. Anyone have one sitting in the<<
corner of their garage? Thanks for any help you can give me!-Matt<<

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