Re: Power Pulleys

From: david zavetsky (
Date: Sat Jun 13 1998 - 08:27:56 EDT

I have had the power pulleys for about 4 years now. They made a seamingly
big difference in power!

As far as alternator output goes, it does drop the output a bit at idle.

The lights will dim if I have all kinds of other accessories turned on at
night, but as sonn as you come off idle, there's no problem.

I have 2 140 watt amps, a cd player, CB, driving lights and I have never had
any trouble with this reduced idle-output.

At 07:59 AM 6/12/98 EDT, you wrote:
>Does ayone out there have the underdrive pulleys on their Dak? i am thinking
>about installing these, but need to know if it affected any of the engine
>accessories. I have about 500watts of amplifiers pushing 8 speakers. (i love
>it loud) How much does the alt. output drop? Does it affect the A/C output?
>Is there ay noticable difference in the ps and pb?
"M ove O ver, P ickup A pproacing R apidly!"
1992 Dakota 4x4, Standard cab, short bed, 5.2 L V8, K&N, Gibson/Dynomax
exhaust,Power Puleys, MP SBEC, 180 degree thermostat, Bushwhackers,
tire/wheel package, Lund Moonvisor & Interceptor, Custom Cover tonneau,
Bundy rear bumper, chrome grillguard/pushbar

see for pictures!


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