From: woodgate (
Date: Sat Jun 13 1998 - 22:10:23 EDT

I have a 4x4 dakota. I know have everything just about planned out for the
planned swap to the 360 V8.
My truck has 2.90 gears. The factory gearing availible on my year of 4x4
were 2.90, 3.50,3.90. I guess
the deepest gearing I can use is the 3.90 as that may well be the maximum
for the front 7-1/4" axle all 4x4's have. The problem is that small ring
gear diameters and numericly high ratios don't mix well. Lower ratios
require more and smaller gear teeth. The motor will be close to stock and
pass the sniffer. The engine builder that is teaching me (I have built
motors before but not like him) races late models and they can get a few 100
hp out of almost entirely stock parts, But I bet my motor will be just shy
of 300hp as we will concentrate on milage and low end torque like the motor
we built for his tow vehical for his racer. I have an auto trans which is a
bit easier on gear sets than a manual or an auto with a high stall
converter. Anyway looking for sources for 3.90 gears and a limited slip or
locker for a 8-1/4" rear and the 3.90 gears for a 7-1/4" front.

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